Leaders are Everywhere


Leadership has been on my mind since I joined the planning committee for this year’s AIA National Leadership Institute. I am viewing everything in my life through a new lens. Recently, I was awe struck by two women who proved to me leaders are everywhere.

My first example is a student leader I had the pleasure to work with on a project at the University of Florida. Her leadership began by simply raising her hand to volunteer. Since that day she’s been instrumental in mobilizing her peers to provide feedback and gain consensus on the direction of the project. Her leadership ability was evident when she moderated the groundbreaking ceremony for this project in front of the University President and Administrators, Alumni and students.

Another example comes from a woman I barely know. We both took part in a 6-week transformational fitness challenge. From day one she encouraged her fellow participants to meet daily goals and make the time to work out. She encouraged and offered help to those struggling to rise to the challenge. She could have participated and only concentrated on her goals, but instead she put herself out there and encouraged others. She rallied 15 fellow participants around her and helped all of us meet our goals.

The beauty of leadership is it’s all around us. Anyone can lead. Leadership is more powerful when we work together and collectively work towards a common goal. People crave good leaders and we all have something in our lives we can lead. You don't have to wait for someone to dub you a leader. Find your passion and lead today.