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learning objectives

1. Professional & Industry Leadership: 
Participants will gain an understanding of how architect design influence can impact  communities through the application of diverse  leadership strategies across the industry from different career stage perspectives and how participants can apply this framework to promote personal and organizational leadership effectiveness within design practice, firm and community settings.

2. Design & Business Leadership: 
Participants will be able to identify and apply leadership theories and strategies related to organizational behavior including concepts on individual behavior, group and team behavior, culture, and communication techniques in the process of guiding people in design, environmental and preservation endeavors.

3. Community Leadership: 
Participants will be able to distinguish how architects and designers can connect community revitalization efforts and techniques to address environmental issues, hazards and historic preservation when working in neighborhoods where design solutions are challenged by physical, ecological and conservation risks.


4. Citizen Architect:
Attendees will be able to apply concepts promoting the important role of architects in producing safe, healthy and socially responsible communities through effective collaboration techniques recognizing the civic engagement, and leadership role architects can fulfill through elected and appointed government service, philanthropy and pro bono assistance.

5. Advocacy
Participants will recognize how architects can have a role in local and regional issues addressing design, environmental and social equity through using a process to identify the problem, lead the call to action, and design the solutions that result in economic and social advantage for the entire community.



Our National Plenary Broadcast is offered in four time zones (ET, CT, MT, and PT). The goal being to bring the content to you. This not only reduces the cost of travel and registration for participants, but also elevates the valuable regional discussions within AIA Components.

Our five Regional Venues located in Bentonville, Arkansas; Detroit, Michigan; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pasadena, California; and Washington, DC offer participants a full-day program of 6.25 LU|HSW. If you are unable to travel, we also offer Virtual Attendee participation of 3.75 LU|HSW, including single viewer and group viewing options.

overview NOVEMBER 16, 2017

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We believe leadership education should be accessible for all AIA members, therefore this new conference model is aimed at leveraging technology and member driven programs to bring our organization together. Using Adobe Connect and social media, we connect five different cities to engage in a shared learning experience. Broadcast from Washington, DC in collaboration with our Regional Venues, the program features local and national keynote speakers. Local workshops are hosted by AIA Components, including an engaging mix of presentations and discussions.



Leadership training inspires designers to progressively advance into more complex leadership roles within firms and communities. Those attending a Regional Venue can participate in live Q&A discussion with our national speakers, moderated through their local venue. Participants are also encouraged to participate using social media using our Facebook page Center for Civic Leadership and Twitter @AIALeaders. To access the event dialogue, use #AIALI17 or #CitizenArchitect.


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