Living your life as a leader

Participants of the Leadership Institute will receive a free digital copy of Living Your Life as a Leader, a resource developed by volunteer members of the AIA Center for Civic Leadership. This leadership training resource, designed for architects and emerging professionals, will ask you to assess yourself, your community, your profession, and your commitments. By working through this training tool, you will be able to:

  • Explore leadership skills and abilities needed for success in the practice of architecture, and understand what skills and abilities are unique to particular models of leadership
  • Read stories from leaders in the industry through our "Legacy of Leadership" series
  • Identify the proficiency you would like to gain or enhance by working through "Your Personal Leadership Plan"
  • Use this workbook as a resource for navigating leadership development conversations with your own team and mentoring future leaders

Additional copies of Living Your Life as a Leader can be ordered for use in a local leadership training program.

additional RESOURCES

Leadership is a life long journey. Whatever type of leader you seek to become - be it firm leader, business leader, design leader, community leader, or citizen architect - we want to help you reach your goals! 

Our team has gathered a list of resources we highly recommend to help you expand your understanding of the many topics related to leadership development. These are great for sharing with your co-workers and peers to enhance discussions and inspire leadership best practices in your workplace or team.



  • AIA Kinetic", a resource of
    the American Institute of Architects


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