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 2018 NATIONAL PLENARY moderators


Sarah Wahlgren
Co-Chair, Leadership Institute 2018

After graduating from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Sarah served as the 2016–2017 AIAS National President and 2017 AIA Student Director. In these roles she represented the voice of architecture students on a national platform. In August 2017, Sarah began working in the Washington, D.C. office of Perkins+Will. In the office, she serves as a licensure mentor, student outreach advisor and co-chair of her office’s Diversity Committee. Sarah plans to be licensed by the end of the summer and will continue working to tie education and the profession even more closely together to create a strong and relevant architecture profession.

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Korey White, AIA
Co-Chair, Leadership Institute 2018

Korey recently transitioned from Washington, D.C. to Chicago to start a new position as Project Architect at BKV Group. Korey’s advocacy efforts have propelled her to involvement with the AIA at all levels. In 2016–2017, Korey served as the National Associates Committee chair, having previously served as Vice Chair and Regional Associate Director. Most recently, Korey was awarded as one of the AIA Young Architect Award recipients for 2018. In her commitment to architecture and her community, Korey has forged a legacy of leadership that will provide countless benefits for the architecture profession well into the future.



special guestS

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Jane Frederick, FAIA

AIA National 2019 President Elect,

2020 President

Jane is principal at Frederick + Frederick Architects, the AIA SC 2017 Firm Award recipient. Her honors include Southern Living Magazine Best Renovation of the Year, nine Robert Mill home design awards. She serves on numerous local community and historic review and planning boards. Jane is the 2019 President-Elect, 2020 President of The American Institute of Architects. She was previously a SAR Regional Representative and an At-Large Director on the AIA Board. She led the AIA Small Firm Round Table Executive Committee and was President of AIA South Carolina. She is part of the visiting team for the National Architectural Accrediting Board and was a professional advisory board member of the Clemson University School of Architecture. Jane earned a Bachelor of architecture from Auburn University.

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Lenore M. Lucey, FAIA

An advocate and a leader, Lenore M. Lucey, FAIA, has built a legacy of continuous service to the built environment. In her roles of design professional, former executive director of AIA New York, a leader of the AIA College of Fellows Executive Committee, and a National Council of Architectural Registration Boards executive, Lucey has dedicated her prestigious career to advancing the profession. Lucey’s leadership has had a transformative effect on the College of Fellows, where she has sought to strategically deploy the AIA’s Latrobe Prize to research efforts that would immediately impact practitioners. As the leader of AIA New York and of the New York Foundation for Architecture, she raised public awareness of the chapter that generated a 46 percent increase in its membership and a major relocation of its offices.


2018 National Plenary Speakers

Act 1: Blurring Boundaries—Beyond The Future of the Design Profession 

The 21st century is about silo disruption, blurring boundaries, and breaking down barriers. Robust and profound changes are evoking transformations at a rapid pace—whether we’re ready or not. The design industry’s impact and evolution with technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence defining the profession can’t occur in solitude if we want to remain relevant. How will an integrated leadership approach among the worlds of technology and physical spaces shape design? In Act 1, Brad Lukanic will challenge the audience to push beyond the parameters of “what is” to “what can be.”

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Brad Lukanic, AIA
CEO, CannonDesign

With a never-ending drive and passion for design and built experiences, CEO Brad Lukanic embraces situational change disrupters that transform the industry’s future—and he leads CannonDesign’s charge to get there. As the lead strategist, his relentless pursuit of new and thoughtful solutions delineates why CannonDesign strives to be an industry leader each day. While channeling innovative culture, Brad channels creativity and expertise to go beyond being relevant to leading with impact.

Brad’s thought leadership extends beyond architecture audiences: Architect magazine; AIA Large Firm Roundtable; Fast Company; University Industry Demonstration Partnership; and National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable.

act 2: Inspiring Catalysts for Civic Engagement and Community Leadership

Architects have the capacity to lead beyond architecture. In Act 2, we examine the factors that influence our ability to be visionary and effective, and the roles and relationships we can foster to influence positive change locally, regionally, or nationally. This session features distinguished Citizen Architects who will define the skills, strategies, and paths that brought them to where they are, as catalysts for civic initiatives. 


Hon. Judson A. Kline, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Throughout his career, Jud has been focused on building knowledge, experience and reputation. As a passionate leader, architect, teacher, and Citizen Architect, he is committed to building the future: the next generation of architects and re-developing communities. Jud is President of CIVITAD Services, LLC, and an Adjunct Professor at Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design and VMCAD College. His leadership extends beyond architecture to public service as an Orange Village, Ohio councilman, planning commissioner, design review board, and Orange sustainable building committee member. He was AIA Cleveland and Ohio President, member of the Diversity Council, Center for Civic Leadership 2018 Chair, K–12 Education Committees, and co-chaired AIA WIA in 2012. Receiving AIA Ohio’s Public Service Award in 2009, he is an AIA Fellow serving as Ohio Valley Regional Representative.

Lisa M. Chronister, AIA
Principal Planner, City of Oklahoma City

Lisa has shaped her community for the better through her work leading the Current Planning and Urban Design Division of the City of Oklahoma City Planning Department and previously, through her service on the Oklahoma City Urban Design Commission. As a Citizen Architect, Lisa inspires architects across the country to use their unique insights, talents, and skills to take on leadership roles in their own communities. Lisa devotes her time and talent to teaching, mentoring, and professional service, including two terms as President of AIA Central Oklahoma and as a member of AIA national committees and award juries. She was a recipient of the national AIA Young Architects Award. Lisa earned a M.Arch from Pratt Institute and a B.Arch from the University of Oklahoma.

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Ambassador (ret.) Richard N. Swett, FAIA

Richard was the only architect in the US Congress during the 20th century, served as US Ambassador to Denmark, and authored several books including "Leadership by Design: Creating an Architecture of Trust," which will serve as the basis of his talk on leadership. Richard started his career as an architect, was politicized by the renewable energy development projects, and is now using his architectural, political, and diplomatic experience to create Sustainable Solar Communities in Africa. His book explains the leadership qualities the architectural profession possesses, case studies of great architects who used them, and the need for this leadership today.

AndyPease Head Shot.jpg

Andy Pease, AIA, LEED AP
Principal, In Balance Green Consulting

Andy, both an Architect and LEED Accredited Professional, is an active leader skilled and experienced in a wide range of green building practices. A graduate of MIT, Andy focuses on integrated green building strategies, including water conservation, daylight, energy efficiency, and healthy interiors. In November 2016, she was elected to serve on the City Council for the City of San Luis Obispo, CA. She now splits her time between City Council and In Balance Green Consulting, her 5-person, woman-owned firm. Strengthened by her core values of "Excellence, Balance, and Leadership," Andy has a shared passion and a balanced approach to sustainable design and community engagement.

Act 3: What’s at Stake: Diversity, Equity, and Leadership

"It is not a question of whether, but to what extent, our buildings, our landscapes, our cities, and our rural communities are less beautiful, less functional, less equitable, and less dignified because women and people of color are less likely to be creating them." In our keynote address, Gabrielle Bullock, FAIA, and John Carey will deliver a powerful message about diversity and dignity in design. 


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Gabrielle Bullock FAIA, IIDA, NOMA, LEED AP
Director of Global Diversity, Perkins+Will

Gabrielle oversees Perkins+Will’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement program, which works to support and strengthen a firmwide culture that embraces a diversity of people, colors, creeds, credos, talents, thoughts, and ideas. Her unique role as an award-winning principal and the firm’s Director of Global Diversity enables her to combine her passion for architecture and social justice to effect positive change at a micro and macro level. Gabrielle is regularly sought out around the world for her leadership and expertise in issues of social equity in architecture, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and physical and mental ability.

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John Cary
Design ambassador

John Cary has devoted his career to expanding the practice of design for the public good. He is the author of two books, most recently Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone, with a foreword by Melinda Gates. The book is the subject John's TED talk as well as an exhibition at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) this fall. His writing on design, philanthropy, and fatherhood has appeared in The New York Times, on, and in numerous other publications. John works as a philanthropic advisor to foundations and nonprofits around the world. He is also the co-founder of FRESH Speakers, a next-generation bureau focused on young women and people of color. He is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome and a three-time commencement speaker, among other honors. John lives in a co-housing community in Oakland, Calif., with his wife and two daughters.


The AIA Leadership Institute is organized by a team of AIA volunteers from across the country. This group includes committees members of the AIA Center for Civic Leadership, component leaders, firm leaders, emerging firm leaders, associate members, architects, Fellows, Citizen Architects, AIA staff, and our invited guest speakers. Without the shared enthusiasm of this group on the topic of leadership, this program would not exist. We continue to collaborate on this program with our friends at the AIA College of Fellows, the Young Architects Forum

2018 National Planning Team
Sarah Wahlgren, AIA
Korey White, AIA
Jud Kline, FAIA
Melissa Morse, AIA
Eric Hofmann, Assoc. AIA
Marisa Nemcik, AIA
Lindsey Perez, AIA
Ashley Thornberry, Assoc. AIA
James Yankopoulos, Assoc. AIA
Kimberly Yoho, CAE

2018 Regional Venue Planning Team
AIA California Council
AIA|DC Emerging Architects Committee
AIA Middle Tennessee
AIA Orlando



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